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What you should know before Hiring a Contractor (California Contractor State Licensing Board) go here
Contractor License Status Check (CSLB) go here

Federal Tax Credit for Commercial Solar Systems (10% credit + 5yr accelerated depreciation) Year 2006 forms & guide posted here.[Form 3468 Investment Credit, f3800 General Business Credit]

California State Solar Income Tax Form YR 2006– for Both Residential and Commercial PV systems up to 200 kW in size. 7.5% of the Net cost. [ FTB Form 3508]
Solar for Planned Communities – Rights for Residents of Home Owner Assocations.
Installation Protocols for New Home Builders – Photovoltaics (Consol/Endecon) – (6/01)

Intro 14kb
Background 75kb
Scope of Work 24kb
Checklist 69kb

A Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation – Gridtied systems CEC/Endecon 9/01
California Solar Rights Act of 1978– California Civil Code 714 prohibiting restrictions on the installation of solar energy systems. [new link]

California Renewable Energy Programs

CEC Guidebook for Emerging Renewables Account Version posted January 2006 – includes program details for the PV Rebate program
CEC PIER 5 yr Plan 2002-2006 (2/01)
CEC Renewable Energy Investment Plan – provides guidlines for Program 2002-2006 – adopted by CEC on 6/13/2001 Supporting information found here
Clean Energy Funds: An Overview of State Support for Renewable Energy – A newly-released report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) summarizes and analyzes the 14 state systems-benefits charges (SBC) that support renewable energy programs, finding that the funds could encourage more than 1,000 MW of new renewable capacity in the next few years. (04/01)

Facts & Figures

Map of California Utilities html
Map of California Electric Transmission Grid html
Map of California Electricity Markets – contains market data on both generation and consumption html
California Wind Resource Map html
California Solar Resources Maps html
California Electricity Profile (EIA 8/00)

Annual Solar Thermal & Photovoltaic Manufacturing Activities Tables (Energy Information Agency) 2000 – US


The Renewable Energy Solution to California’s Energy Crisis – Brochure – Report to follow. (REPP-CREST Summer 2001)

Affordable, Reliable Renewables – The Pathway to California’s Sustainable Energy Future (CalPIRG July 2001)
Photovoltaic Economics & Markets – Sacramento Municipal Utility District as a case study (Wenger, 9/96)
Transforming the Market for Solar Water Heaters: A New Model to Build a Permanent Sales Force (Hoffman et .al REPP/CREST, 8/98
California Energy Crisis – Causes and Recommended Solutions – (Tom Hoff, Clean Power Research 01/01)
California Natural Gas Analysis & Issues (CEC 11/00)
Edison Technology Solutions (ETS): Final report for the Solar Two project (‘Power Tower’) (10/99) o Appendix I: Solar Two Test and Evaluation Plan, Volume I and II

Final Report(html)

ETS: Final report for the Photovoltaics project, (8/99). Evaluation of 12 PV systems in Southern California, including Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel, schools, residential, etc.
o Appendix I: Site Power Production Data Summary Reports for 12 Systems

Final Report(html)
2.8 MB

SDG&E: Final report for the Photovoltaic Chargeport Demonstration. (10/99).
Appendix I: Paragon Performance Monitoring and Analysis Report

Final Report html
1.5 MB 

Photovoltaic Performance Database – available from IEA Task 2 group – represents 260 system in 9 countries. FREE download(html). Also available on CD. (11/01)

Net Metering and Interconnection Documents

Net Metering Tariff – Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)  
Net Metering Tariff – Southern California Edison (SCE)  
Net Metering Tariff -San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), Small Commercial  
Net Metering Tariff -(SDG&E), Residential  
Net Metering Tariff -(SDG&E), Residential Time-of Use