SF Solar Bond Measure 2001

San Francisco – Solar Bond Measures 2001


San Francisco issues Solar RFP for Moscone Center. Interested firms are invited to submit proposals to the City and County of San Francisco for its first major solar energy project. The prime objective of the work will be to provide a fully operational photovoltaic (PV) energy system atop two roofs of the Moscone Convention Center, along with possible other renewable and energy efficiency technologies to supplement SFPUC and Hetch Hetchy electric power resources. It will be installed in this centerpiece facility for the City and its visitors as a contribution to energy resources and the environment, and demonstrate the City’s commitment to promoting renewable energy. Bids due March 19th, 2002.



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San Francisco Solar Bond Measure B launches campaign – Proposition B on the November 6, 2001 ballot would provide $100 million for the installation of solar panels on city-owned buildings, wind turbines and energy conservation technologies all at no cost to taxpayers. Proposition B would pay for itself entirely through energy savings. [fact sheet] 2001.09.15

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SF Chamber summary and endorsement:

(2001.10.01)San Francisco Ballot Measure(s) Target Energy Crisis – Article in the Times Outlining Measure B & H, along with 2 other energy related measures on the November 6, 2001 ballot.

Bond Measure H: Charter amendment to exempt renewable energy and conservation from requirement for voter approval. Sponsors: Supervisors Ammiano, Daly, Maxwell, Gonzalez, Newsom, Peskin, Sandoval, Leno, McGoldrick

Overview of Measure H [pdf 36 kB] 2001.10.22

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SF Chamber summary and endorsement: