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The Solar Forum is open to all parties interested in learning about current issues regarding Solar Energy policy and development in California and an opportunity to network with others in the field. The Forums are facilitated by Tor Allen of the Rahus Institute/California Solar Center/Solar Schoolhouse.


Presentations from Recent Solar Forums. 
[you’ll need Adobe Acroreader to view] Click on the links to open pdf file. OR right click (PC) and save to your harddrive for viewing. Powerpoint presentations are provided here. Note that this is an incomplete substitute for being at the Forums, with discussion and dialogue missing from these notes below. No ‘Minutes’ are provided. 

March 26th, 2010- Sonoma County – Solar Schoolhouse Forum
Held at Sonoma Moutain Village in Rohnert Park, CA- cosponsored by PG&EReal Goods SolarBank of AmericaBass ElectricQKA ArchitectsKyotoUSAWestCoast SolarSonoma Mountain VillageSolar Schoolhouse, The Rahus Institute

Presentation Title
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Solar Schoolhouse Forum – Powering Schools with Sunlight: 
Agenda 200kb pdf
Speaker Bios 100kb
Link to pictures from the event
Intro –

PG&E + Solar. 
Kim Ngo – Pacific Gas & Electric

Solar Market Review and past experience with Solar on Schools
Tor Allen – The Rahus Institute/Solar Schoolhouse

Some of the Many Lessons Learned in Solar PV Procurement for Schools and Colleges 
Clyde Murley – Consulting on Energy & Environment
Sample RFP (most recent project)- San Ramon ValleyUSD

Architectural Perspective & Division of State Architect
Aaron Jobson – QKA Architects
DSA – Grid Neutral Initiative
DSA – IR-16-8 Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Acceptance Requirements(pdf)

PG&E Solar Schools
Karalee Brown – PG&E

Solar Schoolhouse – Highlights, including new online courses. 
Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

Solar Schoolhouse – Project highlights & Solar Schoolhouse Proverb
Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

Financing Solar for Schools – PPA, Bonds and more
Neal Skiver – Bank of America
/i>Craig Hill – Northcross Hill & Ach

Rahus Institute’s Customer’s Guide to Solar Power Purchase Agreements (Free download)

Santa Rosa City Schools – solar experience
Adam Larner
 Bass Electric
Jennie Bruneman, Santa Rosa City Schools
Len Greenwood, Green Academy – Montgomery High School
Solar Experience at Milpitas Unified School District
John Cimino – Milpitas USD

February 17, 2010- Pasadena
Held at the Pasadena Convention Center- cosponsored by Pasadena Water & PowerSo Cal EdisonGo Solar California

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Intro –

Pasadena Solar Initiative- Projects and Program Highlights. 
Mauricio Mejia – Pasadena Water & Power

Worldwide Solar Market: Review and Futurecast – PV Industry Expert Paula Mints shares results of her market research with forecasts for 2010.
Paula Mints – Navigant Consulting

California Solar Initiative: Overview and updates on SCE solar programs including CSI, the new statewide Solar Hot Water Program, SCE Solar PV program, and Central Station Solar. 
Gary Barsley – So Cal Edison
Making the Case for Residential PV System Monitoring – a review of available metering tools, information provided, integration with ‘SMART’ grid meters, and future directions in residential PV Monitoring. Brian Farhi – independent consultant [article in Solar Power 1.2 MB pdf]
New Product Highlight – the Zep system. New residential mounting system promises reduced installation time, while providing superior grounding and theft protection. 
Daniel Flanigan – Zep Solar [link to installation video] [link to zep website]
Virtual Site Survey = lower cost installations. – Site Evaluations using aerial imagery and remote analysis helps lower transaction costs of selling solar JP Ross – Sungevity [link to iQuote video]
Solar Energy – Meeting the Terrawatt Challenge – An exploration in how to acheive widespread adoption of solar technologies and strategies + current solar research at Caltech. 
Dr. Harry Atwater – Caltech

California Solar : Legislation, New Homes, & Tools – Solar Legislation passed in 2009, and goals for 2010. update to New Solar Home Partnership & What Watt?
(update to NSHP provided by California Energy Commission)
Tor Allen – The Rahus Institute

Putting PACE into Perspective: financing residential solar systems through property taxes. Experience from Energy Independence program in Palm Desert, Sonoma County,etal and the emerging CalFirst program. 
Ted Flanigan
LA County AB811(PACE) Residential Financing Program – a sneek peak at this highly anticipated program for Southern California, along with a look at LA County solar mapping tool
Howard Choy – LA County
Worforce Development – the current state of solar training options in California, how ‘stimulus’ funding is trickling into the state, the size and scope of job openings for which all new training is geared, and teh latest certification updates from NABCEP. . Liz Merry – Verve Solar

Solar Schoolhouse – Highlights, including new online courses. 
Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

January 29, 2009- Anaheim
Held at the Anaheim Convention Center- cosponsored by Anaheim Public Utilities.

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Intro –

Anaheim Public Utilities – Solar Project and Program Highlights. 
Dina Predisik – Anaheim Public Utilities

California Solar Market Review & Status – California & Federal Solar Legislation, federal tax credits, latest snapshot of the solar incentives programs. Tor Allen – Rahus Institute
Lessons learned from the San Diego Solar Hot Water Pilot -Including implications for expanding the SHW program state-wide as guided by AB1470. Annie Henderson – CCSE
New Shading Calculations for SB1/CSI Programs – Recently adopted SB1 guidelines include some changes to how shading analysis is done for calculating incentives for smaller PV systems 
Willard MacDonald – Solmetric
New Virtual Site Survey Tool – A Site survey tool without the site visit? Evaluate and identify key sales prospects. Using satellite imagery, GIS, and other data – This tool can assess rooftop remotely from the comfort of your own office. Roy Clausen – Preciegeo Solar
New Product Highlight -Microinverter:- New and improved Microinverter allow for module-level monitoring, complex roof configurations and minimizes the effects of shading. The inverters, installed in the field, can be used with nearly any PV Module, and include a long life warranty. 
Kent Sheldon – Enphase
Innovative Financing through property taxes and municipal financing (Berkeley FIRST) 
Stephen Compagni Portis – Renewable Funding LLC Article in Environment Mag
Program Highlight: SCE Solar Photovoltaic Program (SPVP): Overview of new Utility solar program that aims to install multi-MWs of PV on customer sites throughout Southern California. 
Darell Holmes
 So Cal Edison
Program Highlight: Proposed SDGE Solar Initiative: Overview of new Utility solar program that aim to multi-MWs of PV on customer sites throughout San Diego
JC Thomas – San Diego Gas & Electric
Streamlining the Permitting Process – this PIER project’s mission is to streamline the solar permitting process throughout the state. Greg Sellers – SolarTech
Project Highlight: Cooling strategies for hot climates. Builder [Clarum Homes] tests several different strategies for dramatically reducing cooling loads in hot climates, looks to adopt winning strategy. Rob Hammon– ConSol
Zero Energy New Home PIER program highlights, multifamily – results from the Global Green ZENH Project Ted Bardacke – Global Green
From Sand to Silicon Solar Cell – Becoming a silicon solar cell. John Perlin UCSB

Solar Schoolhouse – Highlights Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

August 2008
Sponsored by Silicon Valley Power/City of Santa Clara, City of Palo Alto Utilities, Rahus, and CaliforniaSolarCenter

California Solar Market Review & Status – Review of the California solar market & incentives. Includes rooftop PV, Solar Hot Water, and power plant scale. 
Tor Allen – The Rahus Institute
Fire Marshall Guidelines for PV Installations– Review of recently drafted State Fire Marshall Guidelines for Photovoltaic installations. Bill Brooks – Brooks Engineering
Legislative Update – State and Federal update. Relevant CA Solar legislation, Proposition Iniatives (7 & 10), and an update on the Federal Investment Tax Credit 
Annie CarmichaelAdam Browning – Vote Solar ( visit website to sign up for action alerts)
Solar America Initative – California Solar Cities – 6 California Cities are now participating in the US Dept of Energy’s Solar Initiative. Learn what each city is doing to help accelerate the development of solar communities.Mary Tucker – City of San Jose
GoSolarSF – San Francisco Solar Incentive Program – Learn about this new incentive available for Solar installations in San Francisco
Barbara Hale 
– San Francisco PUC / Power Enterprise
GoSolarMarin – Hear this successful story of a buyers group organized to lower costs for residential solar projects. Lisa Max, Carol Benson, Jennifer Hewitt – GoSolarMarin
Solar Thermal Air Conditiong for Residential buildings – Producing cooling from hot water, solar heated air conditioning has the potential to dramatically reduce peak loads in California. Santa Clara University will share their experience with this technology as part of their Solar Decathlon home, discuss potential for the market, and an overview of the market. 
Dr. Jorge Gonzalez – Santa Clara University
Transportation – Rising oil prices have peaked everyones’ attention. How can solar and renewable energy be tapped to reduce our transportation costs? EV & Plug-ins of course! Stephen Heckeroth – Renewable Energy & Transportation
Workforce Development – Status report on evolving solar workforce developments in the Bay Area and throughout California. Rick Kuhn DeAnza CCKathy Werle – San Jose CC
Introduction to SolarTech – a Silicon Valley-based collaborative developing best-practices in solar standards, performance, & workforce development. Doug Payne – SolarTech
Using Digital Multimedia Tools for Renewable Energy Education – An overview of tools and methods for developing digital media to visualize and teach sustainable energy systems. Examples are demonstrated. Clay Atchison, Rahus Institute Solar Schoolhouse (this link will open the presentation in a browser window. click on each slide to advance)

February 2008
Sponsored by Riverside Public Utilities, PG&E, SCE, CCSE, REGrid, SMUD, DVC, Rahus, and CaliforniaSolarCenter

Riverside 2.01
Pleasant Hill 2.08
Riverside Public Utilities Overview – Mike Bacich, RPU – solar programs    
California Solar Initiative Update: John Supp, California Center For Sustainable Energy and Bob Botkin, Javier Burgos So Cal Edison (590 kB)
California Solar Initiative Update – Chuck Hornbrook (Pacific Gas & Electric) (295 kB)
CA Municipal Electric Utiltity incentives – Tor Allen, Rahus (1MB) also dsireusa
50th Anniversary of the Vanguard – John Perlin, Rahus/UCSB    
Solar Anywhere & PV Simulator – new online tools for assessing system performance. Jeff Ressler, Clean Power Research; (1.5MB)
Solar Mapping Tool – currently used for SF Solar Map 
Tony Palizzi, CH2MHill (2.5MB)
Teaching Solar – Tor Allen, The Rahus Institute (Solar Schoolhouse)    
New Solar Home Partnership – Sandy Miller/Claudia Orlando (2.1), Jim Folkman/Kurt Pizor (2.8)- California Energy Commission (86 kB)
Solar Legislation – Sue Kateley/Enid Joffe CalSEIA (42 kB)
Diablo Valley College – 1MW+ Solar Carports – Bruce Dickinson, Chevron Energy Solutions (2 MB)
Solar Santa Monica – Lessons Learned after a year in motion-Ted Flanagan, Ecomotion Solar Santa Monica (4.6 MB)
Solar Training Overview – Liz Merry (Rahus Institute) (1 MB)
Solar Power Providers & PPAs – Liz Merry (Rahus Institute) (450 kB)
Solar at Diablo Valley College – Tom Chatagnier, DVC 
Proposed Energy Systems Program @ DVC + Proposed PV Program (DVC)
Bay Area Community College Programs – Rick Kuhn, De Anza College
Summary of Bay Area Energy Programs(500kB) / Silicon VAlley Energy Workforce Development (1.6 MB) 
Power Purchase Agreements – Tony Paulson, SunEdison  
Solar Hot Water Pilot Program – Annie Henderson, CCSE (780 kB)
100 years of Solar Hot Water – John Perlin, Rahus view online    
Solar Hot Water – Technology developments.Tor Allen, Rahus Institute
(Rahus video – Solar Hot Water – the Simple Solution)

January/February 2007

San Diego 1.31
Pleasant Hill 2.09
CPUC California Solar Initiative Website – handbooks, rulings, etc.      
California Solar Initiative Orientation (So Cal Edison) (540 kB)    
California Solar Initiative Orientation (San Diego Regional Energy Office
(420 kB)
California Solar Initiative Orientation (Pacific Gas & Electric) (450 kB)
CSI – Expected Performance Based Buydown Calculator – Ron Ishii, AESC (200 kB)
CSI Online Database – 
Tom Hoff, Clean Power Research; John King, Energy Solutions (900 kB)
Warner Brothers Goes Solar – Shelley Billik, WB (900 kB)    
Educational Initiatives from Rahus – Tor Allen, The Rahus Institute (California Solar Center/Solar Schoolhouse) (1 MB)
New Solar Home Partnership – Payam Narvand, Marija Krapcevich – California Energy Commission (1.4 MB)
Plugging Transportation into the Sun – Stephen Heckeroth, ECD Ovonics (5.4 MB)
Solar Site Analysis enters the Digital Age – An introduction to using the SolMetric SunEye – Stephen Heckeroth, ECD Ovonics (1.3 MB)
Solar Santa Monica – Achieving the Zero Energy City through Efficiency and Solar Energy – Susan Munves, Stuart Cooley – City of Santa Monica (3.6 MB)
Improving Home Performance – Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Comfort – Matt Golden – Sustainable Spaces (1.3 MB)    
Financing Solar – Increasing Solar Sales Leveraging Financing – Eric Howarth, EGIA (1.2 MB)
Solar at Diablo Valley College – Tom Chatagnier, DVC
Education and Outreach Programs for the Solar Marketplace in California – Liz Merry, Nor Cal Solar (1.2 MB)    
Selling Solar with Renewable Energy Credits – Tim Derrick, 3 Phases (165 kB)    
Selling Solar with Renewable Energy Credits – Greg Rosen, Powerlight, Lenny Hochschild, Evolution Markets      

August 25 , 2006 – Palo Alto
Held in Palo Alto at the Hotel Cabana- cosponsored by City of Palo Alto Utilities. and The Rahus Institute

Presentation Title
Pdf size
Intro – Tor AllenRahus Institute/California Solar Center

From Silcia to Cells – Becoming Silicon Solar Material – We’ve heard about the shortage of silicon for solar cells. What is the problem when there is so much sand in the world? John leads us on a journey into the world of making silicon solar cells and provides a look into the future of silicon solar cells. John PerlinUCSB, author of “From Space to Earth – The story of Solar Electricity”

Legislation – SB1, the current status of the California Solar Initiative, and new federal legislative activities will be outlined. JP RossVoteSolar
Solar Communities – PV Impact on Peak Loads – This presentation will report on the results of monitoring of Premier Gardens ZEH project for a full year of occupancy, including the impact a new ZEH has on annual energy bills and use and peak demand compared to the neighboring control homes.. Steve Vang, Consol
Lunchtime-Documentary Film “Solar Decathlon 2005 – A Solar Village on the National Mall 
order DVD online

Solar Schoolhouse – Education Energized by the Sun. Highlights of current program projects. 
Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

New Solar Home Partnership, features of the new initiative, including the bundling of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. Sandy Miller California Energy Commission
Tool for bundling & selling EE and RE demonstration of QuickQuotes capability for combining Energy Efficient and Solar Measures into a single analysis and presentation for your customer. 

PowerClerk – more than an incentive admin tool! – PowerClerk, by Clean Power Research, is more than a incentive administrative tool. It can provide a wealth of market data to potential buyers, in easy to use formats. Smarter Buyers = better performing systems.. Tom Hoff, Clean Power Research

126 Years of Solar Water Heating and Still Going Strong! – A world review of solar hot water technology, from it’s beginnings over 100 years ago, to it’s use today, with implications for development in California.John PerlinUCSB

Solar Hot Water – technology and proposed new incentives, implications for California .
Tor AllenRahus Institute


September 13 , 2005 – Santa Clara
Held at the Santa Clara Convention Center- cosponsored by Silicon Valley PowerSacramento Municipal Utility District and City of Palo Alto Utilities. and The Rahus Institute

Presentation Title
Pdf size
Intro – Tor AllenRahus Institute/California Solar Center

Silicon Valley Power – Solar Power in Santa Clara – Past, Present and Future Projects. 
Leslie Brown – Silicon Valley Power – City of Santa Clara

California Solar Policy – Legislative and Regulatory Activities update – Review of SB1, Federal Energy Bill, and next steps
David Hochschild – Vote Solar Initiative
California Energy Commission:Emerging Renewables Program Update
Sandy Miller/Bill Blackburn – CEC
CPUC Solar Program updates
Lisa Paulo – CPUC
Lunchtime-Video “Your Solar Home” see clips online
Supply and Demand – Fluctuations in the Solar Market – A look at the ups and downs of the solar market. Developments in solar grade silicon, increased module capacity, and growing demand for photovoltaics. Plus a look at Washington State’s new solar feed-in-tariff+net metering.
Mike Nelson – Northwest Solar Center

Direct Current in the Classroom – Vocational Connections in k12 Schools
Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

The impact of Zero Energy Homes – Grid impacts of a community with solar electric rooftops. Data from Sacramento. Peak kW and kWh savings.
Mike Keesee – SMUD
New incentive programs emerging (US) review of emerging incentive programs in the West and the US.
Adam Browning/ JP Ross – Vote Solar Initiative
Buying and selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits in New Jersey – Lessons learned and application for California.
Jan Pepper – Clean Power Markets, Inc.
Financial Analysis Calculator for PV system owners and Installers– a new calculator demonstrating the economics of investing in a solar electric system..
Andy Black – OnGrid Solar

February 23rd, 2005 – Anaheim
Held at the Anaheim Convention Center- cosponsored by Anaheim Public Utilities.

Presentation Title
Pdf size
Intro – putting the pieces together.. Tor AllenRahus Institute/California Solar Center

Anaheim Public Utilities – Solar Project and Program Highlights. 
Dina Predisik – Anaheim Public Utilities

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) – Exploring Performance Based Incentives – 
Mike Keesee/Stephen Frantz – SMUD
California Energy Commission:Emerging Renewables Program Update
Bill Blackburn – CEC
Self-Generation Incentive Program Update – Changes for 2005
Anthony Prietto – So Cal Gas
Zero Energy Homes: Successes with Communities with super efficient design and integrated solar generation. Rob Hammon – Consol
Buying and Selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits in California. Examples include several projects selling RECs and utilities that are buying RECs… now. 
Kevin Christy – 3Phases Energy Services
California Solar Policy – Legislative and Regulatory Activities in 2005. 
David Hochschild – Vote Solar Initiative
Solar Decathlon 2005 – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo enters this remarkable competition, culminating in 20 homes on the Mall in Washington DC in October 2005 
Tor Allen – Rahus

Solar Schoolhouse – update of activities from 2004 and ’05.
Tor Allen– Rahus/Solar Schoolhouse

May 5th,2004 – San Francisco
Over 300 participants attended the Solar Forum on May 5th at PG&E’s main auditorium in San Francisco.

Presentation Title
Pdf size
Agenda 120 kB

A celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Invention of the Silicon Solar cell.
John Perlinauthor,From Space to Earth -The Story of Solar Electricity.
flash-based slideshow available online. 
Also a synposis of solar history online at

Greentags & Performance Based Incentives in California (also paper on PBI to be presented at ASES 2004 conference in July 2004)
Tom StarrsBonneville Environmental Foundation

CEC Program update – Status of Rebate Program
Tony BrasilCalifornia Energy Commission

35 kB

Solar Schoolhouse – Education Energized by the Sun. Teacher training, PV system installations, online monitoring, school projects, Solar Schoolhouse Olympics. 
Tor Allen, Rahus [refer to SSh website for more details]


CEC Program update -Solar For New Home Policy Development
Tim Tutt, California Energy Commission


PG&E Self Generation Program – Updates, directions, new projects, project highlights.
Dean HeatheringtonPG&E [host & sponsor]

100 kB

Advances in Real-time Monitoring for Solar Electric systems 
Sjuli BeekhuisFat Spaniel Technologies


Balancing Supply & Demand for Limited SGIP Funds
Janice Lin, Powerlight [Sponsor]

Inverters for Commercial Installations Kent Sheldon, SMA America [Sponsor] 1.2 MB
Solar Solutions for Commercial Buildings Mark Bettis, RWE Schott Solar [Sponsor]
Solar Legislation in California 2004Jan McFarland, CalSEIA 
no ppts available
PIER Mini-Grid – ‘Consumer Reports’ testbed for solar electric systems. refer to the website
Bill Brooks, Endecon Engineering
3Views of Solar in New Home Construction: Japan, Germany, and Washington State 
[An excellent presentation that can not be simply posted online. Thx Mike!]
Mike Nelson, NorthWest Solar Center



November 2003 – Anaheim

Presentation Title
Pdf size
Agenda 150 kB
Introduction – 45 MW of PV installed in California – a good start. 
Tor Allen, Rahus Institute/CSC
155 kB
Steve Kaessel, Anaheim Public Utilities Board – Overview of Renewable Energy Projects in Anaheim  
Using GIS and Aerial Photography to target market good candidates for solar energy installations. 
Dana Armanino, County of Marin
900 kB
Quick Quotes for Solar Installers – a new service based on the Clean Power Estimator. & Market Analysis Tool – evaluation of installation data. 
Tom Hoff, Clean Power Research
1.2 MB
Zero Energy Homes – The Sacramento Experience. 
Mike Keesee, SMUD
820 kB
BIPV modules for the new home market Ladera Ranch (Orange County) = largest solar home division in Country (450 homes). Pros cons of mandates for builders. What builders want. The path toward mainstreaming solar in new homes, and the challenges ahead. 
Addison Marks, Astropower
2.1 MB
Capturing the Thin-film Advantage – New UniSolar roofing products for residential and commercial applications. Steve Heckeroth, Unisolar/SIT 880 kB

Solar Schoolhouse – Education Energized by the Sun. Teacher training, PV system installations, online monitoring, school projects, Solar Schoolhouse Olympics. 
Tor Allen, Rahus

6 MB
The VoteSolar approach to developing solar initiatives in municipalities. Experiences from San Francisco, San Diego, and other locales. 
David Hochschild, VoteSolar
2.6 MB
Palo Alto PV Partners Program – The story of the little hardware store that changed the market. Lindsay Joye,City of Palo Alto Utilities 600 kB
Million Solar Roofs Partnerships – market development through local partnerships. Highlights of California partnership activities. 
Heather Mulligan,DOE Million Solar Roofs Program
180 kB
Project Highlight – California Fairgrounds Project – experience of installing 5+MW of PV at a network of facilities. 
Tom Baker, California Construction
2 MB

California Energy Commission – Emerging Renewable Rebate Program. This program provides the bulk of the incentive monies for residential/small commercial PV systems in California. Status report. The funding is rapidly depleting. How long will it last? Are there new funds available? Any changes proposed to the program to stretch limited funding available.
Tony Brasil, California Energy Commission (CEC)

50 kB
Self-Generation Incentive Program – statewide and SoCalGas program status. AB 1685 extends program through 2007. Program evaluation reports available. Program Modification Guidelines 
Tony Prietto, Southern California Gas Company
230 kB

Growing the Solar Market in California – Goals, strategies, and challenges for bringing Solar Energy into the Mainstream in California.
Jan McFarland, Calif Solar Energy Industry Association (CalSEIA)

no ppt



October 2002

San Diego 10-14
Sacramento 10-28
Los Angeles 10-29
CEC – Future of Buydown Program (Tony Brasil, Dale Trenscel, Tim Tutt)
CEC- Consumer Education Program (Ann Peterson, Lynette Esternon, Marija Krapcevich)
Renewable Energy Alliance – ICF Consulting (Marci Burgdorf, Linda Heidtke)
Rahus – Solar Schoolhouse ( Tor Allen) [2 MB]
Effective PV Marketing (John Raphael)
Legislative Update – CalSEIA (Les Nelson)
Self Generation Program Update – San Diego Regional Energy Office (Scott Anders)
Self Generation Program Update – PG&E (Sara Birmingham)
SMUD Program Update (John Bertolino) [1 MB})
Net Metering Program Update – So Cal Edison (Laura Rudison)
LADWP Solar Program Update (Tom Honles, Angelina Galiteva)
Navy Cornado 750kW PV Installation (Wade Wilhelm) [1 MB]
Amonix Introduction to High Concentration Solar Collectors (Vahan Garboushian) [1 MB]


The Solar Forums have evolved from earlier California PV Alliance meetings.View archived presentations/notes from previous meetings here